Luxury Tea Bags

Luxury Tea Bags

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Tea the perfect accompaniment to any giftbox. 


Classic Earl Grey Tea Bags 

While there is a certain amount of confusion around how Lord Charles Grey became the eponym for a blend of Ceylon black tea and bergamot, there is none whatsoever over about what a delightful tea this is, with it’s smooth, light taste and delicate, citrusy finish.

Traditional English Breakfast Tea 

Experience the robust, full-bodied black leaf flavour of  C & B's renowned English Breakfast Tea Bags, contain the finest Ceylon tea plants, bringing deep-malty undertones and a rich finish, the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast or tea party.

Afternoon Tea Blend 

Sri Lanka is the home of Ceylon tea and it offers a wondrous variety of growing regions, each of which yields a different flavour. Growing the tea at a medium altitude gives this tea a lighter, fresher flavour than its lower grown, strong and malty counterparts used for English Breakfast Tea. Best sipped in the afternoons with a plentiful array of biscuits and cake. 

Each pack contains 10 string & tag teabags.


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