Rock Salt & Driftwood Candle

Rock Salt & Driftwood Candle

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A mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools livened by a fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance, sparkling salt crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk

Top Notes: Ozone, Seaweed

Middle Notes: Cyclamen, Waterlil

Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk

Hand poured in the Yugen kitchen set within the Yorkshire Countryside. All our candles are handmade using natural a wooden wick thoughtfully selected fragrances/essential oils. No dyes, no additives, no phalates, no nasties.

Burn Time: Approx. 35 hours

Please be aware that wooden wicks perform differently from normal wicks. Don't worry if, on the first burn, the melted wax doesn’t touch the edges. It might take a few burns to melt completely. That won't affect the performance of your candle.

On the first burn ensure you burn your candle for 4 hours. Relight your candle in-between burns by removing the dead wood from your wick. This is a very important step! Simply pinch the wood with your finger tips and remove the excess burnt wick. If you don't trim the wick your candle will not perform as it should.

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